The Metamorphic line draws inspiration from the remarkable formations of the earth and its natural materials. Growing up in the mountains of New Mexico, I developed a fascination with rocks at a young age. I spent hours scouring the land for the perfect specimen to display on my windowsill. But collecting rocks soon evolved into a more interactive experience as I started climbing, touching, and sculpting them. 

As humans, we come into this world alone and leave it the same way. I've found that the closest connection to this feeling of solitude is when I'm bouldering rocks outside. There's nothing more humbling than looking up at a massive rock formation and feeling so small. When the numbers and colors fade away, you're left with a personal interpretation of the material at your fingertips. It's my own unique experience, a dance between me and the rock. 

As a tactile person with intuitive tendencies, the Metamorphic line is an experiment in capturing the essence of rock formations.