A line inspired by the astonishing formations of earth and its natural materials.

Being raised in the mountains of New Mexico my fascination with rocks began early. As a child I would spend hours scanning the land for the perfect specimen to frame my window seal. Collecting rock forms soon evolved, however, into a more involved interaction as I started climbing, touching and sculpting with the rock.

I believe that as humans we come in and out of this world by ourselves, and I have found that the closest connection to this feeling of being alone with oneself is by bouldering rocks outside. There is nothing I admire more than the humbling vulnerability of looking up at a large rock formation and feeling so small. When the numbers and colors disappear you are left with a solo interpretation of the material at your feet and fingertips. It's truly my own experience, a nuance and dance of the rock and I. 

Being a tactile human with intuitive tendencies, the line, Metamorphic, has been an experiment with rock formation inspiration through the re-creation of texture, colors, curves and surface incidents observed by spending time around and on rocks. It is one thing to look at a rock, another to feel it, but I don't truly understand something until I sculpt it.

Most of the stones in this line are rough and faceted specimens I found while rock hounding on climbing trips.